Emerging Technology Primer for Foodservice Distributors

The foodservice distribution industry is at a crucial point. Many of its practices, from transportation to supply chain, are decades old. At the same time, new technologies are emerging that will likely transform the industry through automation. These tools have the potential to help foodservice distributors overcome their biggest challenges, from labor shortages to supply chain complexities.

Highlights include:

  • This report examines 10 emerging technology areas by looking at definitions, potential uses in foodservice distribution, uses in other industries, timeline of availability and ROI, key evaluation points, and more.
  • The guide includes context to demystify technology benefits in realistic terms, ideas for next steps in adopting emerging technologies, and a glossary of terms.
  • It is intended for executives and non-technology professionals as an easy-to-understand overview of possibilities to consider when building business strategies into the future.
  • Areas explored include artificial intelligence, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, warehouse robotics, smart wearables, virtual reality and more.

Price: Free to all IFDA members as an exclusive member benefit.

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