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IFDA Webinars

IFDA Webinars address a variety of cutting-edge topics, giving you insights from the convenience of your desktop. The expert resources featured in our webinars include distributor peers, consultants, IFDA legal counsel, and IFDA staff. The format includes a visual presentation with live audio from the presentor, and allows for questions from attendees during the presentation or in a Q & A at the conclusion.

IFDA Webinar: Economic Outlook for 2018

November 29, 2017 - 2:00 p.m. est

ITR Economics will give attendees an in-depth economic outlook for 2018. Presenter Alex Chausovsky will give ITR's forecast on discretionary income, retail sales, food and beverage sales, oil/gas, and other consumer-focused industries, explain what the findings mean to foodservice distributors, and answer any questions that IFDA members may have. This webinar is complimentary and only available to IFDA Distributor Members.

To access the 2017 4th Quarter IFDA Economic Report, click here. (members-only)

Alex Chausovsky, ITR Economics