The 2017 IFDA Share Group Program

Building Community for Top Executives in Operations and Technology

IFDA IT & Operations Share Groups

IFDA is conducting two share groups programs in 2017 — one for IT and one for operations. These are fundamentally important areas of your business. By participating, you have a focused opportunity to discuss issues that are top of mind in these disciplines. Get new ideas, validate the path you are on for a given issue, avoid a pitfall that a peer’s experience reveals, or discuss experience with various vendors. Any one of these can be valuable to you — and to your company. You come away with immediate insights, plus you expand your professional peer network.

2017 IFDA Share Group Program

The IFDA Share Group Program is an exclusive opportunity for IFDA members and is available to your company’s top operations executive and top IT executive. If you wear both those hats, no worries — you can participate in both groups.

The Program includes:
• Two share group face-to-face meetings (the first in Chicago and the second at the IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference),
• Two focused group discussions via web conference, and
• Full registration to attend the IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference in National Harbor, MD.

This is a commitment to a community of peers, and registrants should expect to participate in all four sessions. Please also note, this is a structured setting for discussions with sensitivity to competitive concerns

Companies that participated last year include:
Dawn Food Products
Doerle Food Services, LLC
Dole & Bailey, Inc.
Harbor Wholesale Foods
Honor Foods, Inc.
IWC Food Service
Jake’s Finer Foods
Kohl Wholesale
Merchants Foodservice
Merlino Foods
Palmer Food Services
Quaker Valley Foods, Inc.
S & W Wholesale Foods, LLC
SGC Foodservice
Stanz Foodservice, Inc.
Troyer Foods, Inc.
Upper Lakes Foods, Inc.
Wood Fruitticher Food Service

Brochure and Registration Form

Questions? Contact Charlynn Driscoll at (703) 532-9400

Who Participates, Cost for Participation, and other Details
WHO: The most senior executive at your company in the discipline area.
COST: The registration fee for the program is $1295, which includes full registration at the Distribution Solutions Conference.

First Share Group Meeting
For the first face-to-face meeting, a reception takes place the night before the share group. Participants meet the following day to discuss subjects that will be identified by survey prior to the face-to-face.

June 14, 2017
IT Sharegroup
8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Marriott Suites O'Hare
Online Reservations
Chicago, IL
June 15, 2017
Operations Sharegroup
8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Marriott Suites O'Hare
Online Reservations
Chicago, IL

Two Web Conferences
Two web conferences take place for each share group, with content and discussion based around a topic of high priority to group participants.

Final Face-to-Face Share Meeting & Participation in the IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference
October 15-17, 2017
Members of the share group attend the IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference in National Harbor, MD, and hold a final face-to-face share group meeting. The conference includes an Expo of technology, equipment, and service providers, plus educational sessions, and multiple opportunities to network with the larger distribution community. More than 70 percent of IFDA member companies in the U.S. attend this conference each year.