2023 Compensation Survey: Driver and Warehouse Positions Edition

This cross-industry survey of hourly positions provides a better understanding of how your company’s compensation levels and benefits practices compare in the labor market.

The results are based on confidential surveys from 233 distribution companies, providing data for 1,034 locations. Foodservice distributors represented 54 of the 233 participating companies and 520 of the 1,034 locations. Data is reported based on the last full calendar year (2022).

Contents include:

  • Five driver positions and 19 warehouse positions.
  • Three data breakdown categories: all distributors and foodservice distributors (IFDA firms), sales/shipment volume (Under $50M, $50M-$100M, over $100M), and geographic region.
  • Multiple wage data points for each position: average weekly hours, median and average base hourly wage, median and average annual gross pay, and median and average effective gross rate. Also include is data on inflationary pay structure adjustments, and data by four U.S. regions where sufficient data was submitted.
  • Details on basis for driver bonuses, turnover and quit rates, and open position time-to-fill rates and more.
  • View the table of contents and list of positions included.

PriceParticipating companies receive free access to this report and more. Non-participating IFDA members $1,499. Non-members $2,999.