State of the Street Monitor - Issue 2, Oct 2017

October 05, 2017

The 2nd quarter edition features original research about how independent operators view DSRs. Included are preferences in communicating, frequency of in-person meetings, and how independents spend their time with DSRs.

Also in this edition:
  • Pentallect’s Barry Friends concludes that personal characteristics such as likeability and interpersonal skills are the most universal attributes of successful DSRs.
  • Chef and author Amelia Levin interviews two successful independent operators to talk about why they value their DSRs.
  • Pentallect’s Bob Goldin explores two forces at odds: While some distributors see reducing in-person visit frequency as a means to enhance DSR productivity, this latest survey clearly shows that in-person time with distributor sales associates continues to be important to independent restaurants.
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