IFDA Research

Through IFDA's research distributors get insights and information to make better business decisions and better understand how their companies are performing.

2013 IFDA Operational Trends Survey

Results of the 2013 IFDA Operational Trends Survey were released in April 2014, providing the latest benchmark information on trends and practices being used by leading foodservice distributors. For IFDA members on the whole, the survey results provide an opportunity to compare internal practices to a large cross-section of other IFDA foodservice distributor members. The results also help companie... Full Story

Technomic 2013 DSR Benchmark Report

The 2013 DSR Benchmark Report from the Technomic Distributor Intelligence Service provides a snapshot of the current DSR workforce. The report is based upon the latest “state of DSRs” findings from the Technomic distributor management panel, a group of 200 distributor professionals who participate in confidential surveys as part of the Distributor Intelligence Service. This compact re... Full Story

Group Purchasing Organizations: 2013 Assessment and Outlook

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) directly affect a foodservice distributor's relationship with customers. In May 2013, IFDA provided members with a comprehensive examination of GPOs conducted by Technomic. The assessment and outlook can help IFDA distributor members have internal discussions and determine strategies around the role of GPOs in their business.   The study is based up... Full Story