IFDA Research

Through IFDA's research distributors get insights and information to make better business decisions and better understand how their companies are performing.

Inside the Mind of the Independent Restaurant Operator

The independent restaurant market is doing well, but there are significant challenges on the horizon. Do you know how to help independent operators position themselves – and yourself – for future growth?   This new IFDA-sponsored report provides strategic insight into how the changing landscape of independents affects foodservice distribution. Understanding their challenges, opp... Full Story

State of the Street Monitor - 2nd Edition 2017

The 2nd quarter edition features original research about how independent operators view DSRs. Included are preferences in communicating, frequency of in-person meetings, and how independents spend their time with DSRs.Also in this edition: Pentallect’s Barry Friends concludes that personal characteristics such as likeability and interpersonal skills are the most universal attributes of... Full Story

IFDA Economic Report - 3rd Quarter 2017

This members-only report provides macro-economic trends and projections that assist IFDA members with business planning. Collaborating with IFDA on this project is ITR Economics, which has proven expertise in predicting economic trends, helping companies “see around corners, and a firm whose economists have deep knowledge of distribution. IFDA provides these quarterly reports in order to: ... Full Story