IFDA Research

Through IFDA's research distributors get insights and information to make better business decisions and better understand how their companies are performing.

2015 IFDA Operational Trends Survey

Results of the 2015 IFDA Operational Trends Survey were released in May 2015 to participants, providing valuable benchmarks on practices and trends at IFDA distributor member companies. The published survey results allow foodservice distributors to compare practices to a cross-section of IFDA members and identify areas for improvement. The IFDA member companies that participate in the survey recei... Full Story

IFDA Manual on Hazard Analysis and Preventative Controls for Human Food

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) of 2011 focuses on preventing food safety issues, rather than controlling outbreaks as they occur. As part of this preventive approach, FSMA places primary responsibility on the owners and operators of food facilities to identify and control hazards.  In September 2015, the FDA released its final rule for preventive controls for human food (PC rule). T... Full Story

Back on Top: The Dynamic Independent Operator

While independent restaurant operators are generally experiencing improved business conditions and appear well-positioned for growth, there are major questions about independent's sourcing practices, service requirements, and future prospects. The answers to these and other strategic questions have significant implications to the distributor community and can be found in a new 296-page study: ... Full Story