Industry Benchmarking with IFDA

IFDA Members can participate in benchmarking involving warehousing and transportation, finance, and more.

Over the past decade, IFDA members have had the opportunity to engage in industry benchmarking around a number of key areas of the business. This includes a major Operational Trends Survey conducted every other year, the latest of which was published in early 2016. In addition, IFDA hosted other more limited data benchmarking instruments around operational safety, financial, and sales force data.

IFDA is currently reevaluating all of its industry benchmarking. Information on the Operational Trends Survey is available in the left menu, as are “Operational Benchmark Definitions.” Links to information about the other survey instruments has been retired as IFDA evaluates its industry benchmarking.

If you have a questions about IFDA Industry Benchmarking, please email IFDA at
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