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IFDA and Pentallect Launch State of the Street Monitor


The independent market is a continuously evolving and dynamic industry sector. Given the brand loyalty and profitability of independents, it is critical for distributors and manufacturers to have an accurate, up to date take on independent operator performance and to gain insights on what independent operators are thinking and doing.

With that in mind, IFDA and Pentallect have launched the State of the Street Monitor, a quarterly e-report providing original research and “behind the scenes” coverage and analysis of the independent restaurant market. The first edition features results of a comprehensive survey on independent restaurant operator practices, attitudes and trends as they relate to distribution sources.

Each quarter, the Monitor will share data and analysis from a survey drawing out real and timely information from a cross section of independent operators. Each survey also addresses a major strategic topic. In short, The Monitor will help readers take the pulse of the independent operator market.

The State of the Street Monitor will cover major regions, and includes the following regular features:

• “How’s Business?” – performance and expectations indices (traffic, check average, operating costs, margin, confidence).
• Results of original quantitative and qualitative research on high interest topics such as industry disruptors, sourcing trends (including online ordering), GPO traction, key initiatives such as sustainability and customer-facing technology, satisfaction with and need for sales reps, perceived value of special services, and the like. An Advisory Board, including IFDA Board members and IFDA Platinum Partner representatives, will provide input on topics.
• Attitudes and sentiments toward industry and economic developments such as labor regulations, immigration reform, bans and restrictions, and other timely issues.
• Pentallect editorials with candid perspectives on implications.

When Do I Get My First Issue?
The first edition will be distributed to IFDA Distributor Members by email June 12, 2017 and will also be available in the Resources section of the IFDA website as a "members-only" benefit. In the future, The Monitor will be published approximately 45 days after the end of each quarter.