IFDA Government Relations

IFDA works on Capitol Hill as the industry's voice on federal policy. We also keep our members informed about legislation and regulation that will impact foodservice distributors.

IFDA dedicates resources to make sure lawmakers and agencies in Washington understand the impact of their actions on distributors. IFDA also keeps our members informed about government policy, provides grassroots leadership to connect our members with Congress, and is a valuable resource to our members when they face a challenge from government.

In addition to direct lobbying, IFDA also represents distributor interests through coalition work, and provides IFDA members with information and resources to understand government policy affecting their business.


9.1.17 A federal District Court Judge has issued summary judgement invalidating the Obama Administration overtime rule. The regulation, which would have doubled the minimum salary for the administrative exemption from overtime, had been stayed prior to implementation. The Obama Administration had appealed the stay which the Trump Administration continued due to concerns regarding the Department of Labor’s authority to set a salary level. In the ruling, however, Judge Amos Mazzant III stated that he was not making any judgement regarding the Department’s authority to implement a salary test. As a result, it seems likely that the Department will not appeal this ruling and will proceed with a new rulemaking which has already begun with a recent Request for Information. For more information, contact IFDA government relations.

8.18.17 The Environmental Protection Agency has announced it is reconsidering the trailer requirements of the Phase II Greenhouse Gas Emissions regulation. While the rule primarily focuses on tractors, it does include the first-ever requirements regarding trailer efficiency that were set to take effect in the 2018 model year with tighter restrictions phasing in over a 10 year period. IFDA has worked with lawmakers and met with the EPA to urge the agency to revisit the trailer requirements. In the announcement, EPA stated that it intends to initiate a rulemaking process around trailer efficiency but did not release a timeframe. A lawsuit over the trailer requirements has also been stayed pending EPA action. For more information, contact IFDA government relations.

8.3.17 The Senate voted to confirm Marvin Kaplan to serve as a member of the National Labor Relations Board. Kaplan’s confirmation will mean that the Board is evenly split with two Republican and two Democratic members. President Trump has also nominated William Emanuel to fill the final Board seat but it appears the Senate will not take up his nomination until it returns from the August recess.