IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference

October 17 - 19, 2016 | Tampa Convention Center | Tampa, FL

IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference

The IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference is all about helping foodservice operations management work smarter, better, and faster! If you are a decision-maker for your company's warehouse and transportation operations, this conference provides resources and insights to improve your operations, addresses key people issues, and helps you get your head around the latest best practices and technologies. Planning is underway for the 2016 conference in Tampa, FL.

IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference

If you run operations that serve foodservice customers, you know continuous improvement is as much a part of success as order accuracy and on-time delivery. To have precision, winning operations, you have to seek out improvements and solutions. Improving your operations delivers dollars to your bottom line. It makes you a better distributor to your customer. That ultimately defines where you will be a year or even a decade from now.

From technologies to material handling equipment to solving people problems, the IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference provides insights and resources for improving your warehouse and transportation operations. Our promise is to help operations people work smarter, better, and faster.
To deliver on that promise — we’ve made IFDA’s Annual Conference Smarter, Better, and Faster! We’ve tightened the schedule, put a laser focus on content, and promise you a positive learning experience. And we mean it. If you are not satisfied with the experience this conference provides, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Who Should Attend
VP/Director/Manager of Operations and other decision-makers for your company’s warehouse and transportation operations.


Monday, October 17

Day 1 Highlights

Full agenda for the 2016 conference will be available in May.

Tuesday, October 18

Day 2 Highlights

Full agenda for the 2016 conference will be available in May.

Wednesday, October 19

Day 3 Highlights

Full agenda for the 2016 conference will be available in May.


Registration & Brochure

Registration Opens in June 2016

Registration is open and the full conference brochure is available online. - See more at: http://www.ifdaonline.org/Events/IFDA-SMart-Conference#sthash.wtaZsRHa.dpuf
A conference brochure and registration options will be available in June 2016.

Hotel & Travel

October 17-19, 2016

Tampa Convention Center

Join us in sunny Tampa, FL for the 2016 IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference.