IFDA Headquarters
1410 Spring Hill Road, Suite 210, McLean, VA 22102
Phone: (703) 532-9400  Fax: (703) 538-4673

If you have a general inquiry or if you are not sure who you should contact, click here to send us an email or call our receptionist at the above phone number.

IFDA Executive Team

Mark S. Allen
President & CEO
ext. 9933

Jonathan Eisen
Senior Vice President, Government Relations
ext. 9939
Theresa Kessler
Vice President, Finance & Administration
ext. 9937
Brian P. Lynch
Vice President, Industry Relations
ext. 9942

IFDA Staff

Meghan Cieslak
Director, Communications
ext. 9950
Charlynn F. Driscoll
Director, Education Programs and Engagement
ext. 9944
Grace Hong
Senior Coordinator
ext. 9943
Jodee Hunt
Manager, Finance & Administration
ext. 9938
Kayla Noakes
Coordinator & Records Administrator
ext. 9934
Tom Moran
Manager, Marketing & Communications
ext. 9941
Mary Som
Assistant Accountant, Finance & Administration
ext. 9949
Annika Stensson
Director, Research & Industry Insights
ext. 9947
Rena Stone
Office Assistant/Receptionist
ext. 0
Andrea Streat
Director, Conferences
ext. 9946
Heidi Weiss
Director, Membership
ext. 9935
Carolyn Ford West
Manager, Government Relations
& Member Engagement
ext. 9940
IFDA Partner Development
Arlene Murphy
Senior Advisor, Partner Development
(410) 241-7234